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Critical Reviews

"Buechner can serve as an excellent conversation piece for Christians at home, at church, or with neighbors. It can also give curious moviegoers their first taste of his personality and views, which might lead them to some of the most rewarding reading of their lives."

   —Jeffrey Overstreet, Christianity Today | read full review

"On this DVD, director Rob Collins and Molly Collins spend some time with Buechner at his home. He is dressed casually in Bermuda shorts and holding a soda in his hand as he fields questions on a variety of topics... Buechner's answers to questions about the importance of the Bible, the meaning of Christ's resurrection, and the nature of his prayer life are masterful in their indirection. He refuses to respond in traditional ways... [An] engaging documentary..."

  —Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Health | read full review

"Buechner is an extended interview/profile of Frederick Buechner, a Presbyterian minister whose books on experiencing God in day-to-day life have deeply influenced many readers, including the filmmakers. On the evidence of this rather plain but inviting hour-long conversation, Buechner is a thoughtful, engaging man, whose observations on the meaning of Christianity and other belief systems are refreshingly direct and dogma-free, illustrated by both contemporary references and personal lessons. It's easy to see why Buechner's accessible yet insightful treatment of some of the most fundamental questions about human existence have proven so attractive to so many; his reasoned approach and unpretentious bearing can't help but impress in an age that seems increasingly dominated by religious stridency and certitude... In short, this is a nice conversation with an amiable man that is likely to appeal to fans of the author/novelist."

  —F. Swietek, Video Librarian (print only) | July-August 2005

Viewer Comments

"I thought the film was an excellent introduction to his thought and what makes him a unique Christian voice. The film is like a personal visit with Buechner." C. Bristow, Michigan

"What a treat to be able to 'meet' this man, whose works I have read in their entirety! What I would give to be in Molly's shoes as the interviewer! It was a joy to watch." C. Summy, Pennsylvania

"This film is absolutely amazing and offers a poignant look into the heart of Buechner. The questions that were asked provided a great opportunity for the unadulterated honesty, characteristic of him, to shine forth. After the video, I was spiritually challenged in a quiet, unassuming way; I'm sure it was due to initial shock at some of his responses, at least shock from whatever legalistic philosophy I've unfortunately managed to retain. I think that whoever views this video is likely to walk away with an altered sense of Christ and God; more personal, more real, and with more grace than we can fathom. And perhaps, more importantly, with a sense of knowing that, even at our best, we 'spiritual' Christians know nothing at all." A. Fedorkevich, North Carolina

"How can I thank you adequately for this marvelous film?  I watched it almost immediately, savoring it, loving it, being comforted and encouraged by it, knowing I would watch it again and again... I want you to know that this is a treasure and that many of us will always feel grateful to you." L. Abbott, Georgia

"If you are like me you have read countless times many of Buechner's numerous writings, this DVD enhances that experience by allowing you to see the man think and feel as he answers questions and tells stories, and to hear the voice that gives life to words on a page... There is wisdom here and it abounds." D. Ventrcek, Colorado


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